Workshop press 30 tons - WP30P

                Free-standing, slim workshop press
                Switchable pump for 2 speeds fast approach and powerful pressing
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                Convenient, precise and durable - 30 tons
                Workshop press with extra wide robust, welded frame
                For one person operation
                Cylinder can be shifted sideways for versatile applications
                2-speed pump that can be switched manually - for fast approach and powerful pressing
                Includes a set of press bolts with quick change chuck (see DS8)
                Adjust the press table easily with the help of the suspending cables and the central winch
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                SKU 8951000071
                Model WP30P
                Dimension R 160 mm
                Capacity 30 ton(s)
                Tool category Workshop presses
                EAN 4028203832002
                European Standards EN 693:2001 + A1 + A2
                Net weight 167
                Dimension A 795 mm
                Dimension M 200 mm
                Dimension F2 1031 mm
                Dimension F1 151 mm
                Dimension F 140 mm
                Dimension E 535 mm
                Dimension C 1772 mm
                Dimension B 700 mm


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